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Department of Education Awards 51 Grants for Veterans

Department of Education Awards 51 Grants for Veterans

On September 28, 2012, the US Department of Education declared that $14,392,377 was awarded to 51 different Veterans Upward Bound projects across the United States.  The Department of Education estimates that 6,831 can use the grants.  

According to the Department of Education, the projects mainly help young, low-income military members.  The veterans can use the grants to adjust between military life and civilian life while increasing their education to forward their career.  
The Department of Education states that while the grants provide education in all core subject education, the grants also provide refresher courses, tutoring, help with entrance exams, help with financial aid, personal counseling, networking, and more.  
U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, stated, “No group deserves our support for opportunities to learn and advance their knowledge and skills more than our veterans.  These Upward Bound Veterans grants will help prepare our returning veterans for college by providing the academic instruction, mentoring and guidance they need to succeed in college and in life.” 
The Veterans Upward Bound is part of the Upward Bound program that was started in 1972.  The program is one of three similar programs under the Upward Bound program, and four other programs provide student services.  The programs are listed below: 
Education Opportunity Centers
Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement
Student Support Services
Talent Search
Training Program for Federal TRI programs
Upward Bound Math and Science
The Department of Education reports that the Veterans Upward Bound program has help a total of 5,780 veterans since 2007.  The new wave of grants will ensure that veterans receive the education they deserve for serving the country.  
Source: Department of Education



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