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Education Policy Overview

Education Policy Overview

An education policy is the collection of rules and regulations that are implemented in an educational system. Because of the various aspects and types of education, an education policy will differ quite greatly.
Furthermore, there are also state and federal education policies implemented which meant to govern educational systems on a larger scale. Also, an education policy can be implemented in terms of the various grades or levels of education. For example, an education policy in regards to elementary school may address different issues than an education policy in a secondary school.
Education policy will consider various aspects of education which can range quite greatly. Some examples can include school and class size, teacher education and certification, and specific curricular content taught in specific schools or grades. In essence, education policy will concentrate on the administrative concerns of particular educational system. However, it can also be evident on a daily basis on a smaller scale, such as in the form of the disciplinary rules imposed on students and staff and graduation requirements.



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